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Giampietro Filippetti

My formal studies began when I chose to study the masterful mosaics in Ravenna, Italy. Residing in Milan for over a decade, I studied visual design, and began fusing my love and passion for this historic art form with the avant-garde aesthetics of Italy’s design and fashion industries. Arriving in Canada in 2003, I discovered the perfect media with which to bring my artistic visions to life — the remarkable cache of artistic glass (stained glass) available in North America.

I design and create glass mosaic artworks that add a warm and distinctive presence to any environment. With such a painstaking process and fragile material as glass, the end results seem effortless. Combining the intricacies of curves and organic forms that flow seamlessly into architecturally perfect straight lines gives true meaning to the words 'fine art'.

The subject is truly poignant — the passionate, emotional and physical stimulation of an individual’s senses. The media is glass — radiant, reflective and translucent all at once.
The inspiration is modern – colour, light, shape and texture. The technique is classical perfection — reducing the design into thousands of pieces, each meticulously positioned — one by one, line by line — until the piece assumes a truly unique identity.

I begin sourcing sheets of artistic glass for its own properties. I match the glass to the design sketch that combines lines and organic forms. On a wood board, I map out where each piece of glass needs be placed. The glass is cut and clipped to size and form. Mortar holds and seals glass in place.

Since my launch in 2005, I have been featured in magazine publications, including:Art Business News, Best of Artist International, Canadian Interiors, Flare, Inspirations, Luxe, Mag, Spade, Toro, and also newspapers, including: The Globe and Mail, and Toronto Sun.

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